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SURUGAYA is a store that deals in the buying and selling of recycled media products such as games, toys, DVDs, and CDs. They offer a large selection of anime and manga merchandise, some of which are rare items. SURUGAYA's Akihabara branch is notably large. Additionally, almost all of their books are in Japanese, with very few written in English. The pricing for used items is determined by considering the condition and rarity of the product. Their inventory primarily consists of cards, games, and figures. For anime enthusiasts who understand the rarity value of merchandise, a visit is highly recommended. However, for anime beginners, the vast amount of products might be overwhelming, making it challenging to understand and appreciate the value of each item.


The Surugaya Marui City Yokohama store is the flagship store in Kanagawa, boasting the largest scale in the region. It primarily sells pre-owned anime and manga merchandise. Surugaya is a shop known for selling used goods rather than new ones. They offer a wide range of products, including merchandise from One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball, Evangelion, Sailor Moon, and more, such as character goods, card games, DVDs, etc.
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The Surugaya Akihabara Main Store deals with official anime and manga merchandise, figures, card games, game software, doujin CDs, and doujinshi. It is a recommended store for those looking for second-hand rare goods rather than new ones, attracting many enthusiastic anime otaku searching for rare items. The store is somewhat cramped, and there's a limited selection of new products.
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