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【GUNDAM】 Bandai has released the RG Gunpla "Force Impulse Gundam SpecII"

On February 10th, Bandai released the RG Gunpla "Force Impulse Gundam SpecII." This product is a theatrical version of the "Force Impulse Gundam" from "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM." It replicates the MS shape by combining the Core Splendor, Chest Flyer, Leg Flyer, and Force Silhouette. By dividing the parts, color reproduction has been improved, accurately representing even the subtle color separation of adjacent armor pieces. Additionally, as a characteristic of RG, the Force Silhouette is conceptualized as an "aircraft," featuring gimmicks, details, and textures. The wings can be folded backward.The forearms can twist separately from the elbows. The shoulder armor rotates independently, reducing part interference. Furthermore, the parts in the waist area are movable block by block, significantly expanding the range of motion. The knee armor moves in conjunction with the legs.The product includes a beam rifle, shield, knives, beam sabers, as well as four types of left and right hand parts such as grips, flat hands, and weapon-holding hands as options. Additionally, it comes with new realistic decals.

■ Included Items:
High Energy Beam Rifle × 1

Mobile Defense Shield × 1
Vajra Beam Saber × 2
Folding Laser Anti-Armor Knife × 2
Silhouette Flyer × 1
Core Splendor Parts × 1
SetHand Parts × 1
SetJoint Parts × 1
Realistic Decals × 1Figure × 1

■Price: 3,410 yen