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【DRAGON BALL】 The "Gigantic Series" Son Goku figure will be released.

The "Gigantic Series Son Goku & Son Gohan" figure will be released in September 2023.The figure "Gigantic Series Son Goku & Son Gohan Special Color Ver." from the popular anime series "Dragon Ball" will be released in September 2023. The price is set at 17,600 Japanese yen.
This special color version features Son Goku and Son Gohan, who appear in the 2021 release of the "Gigantic Series Son Goku & Son Gohan" figure. Son Goku, carrying Son Gohan, is three-dimensionally recreated with a height of approximately 46 centimeters, providing a large volume. The four-star ball on Gohan's hat is made with clear parts.Pre-orders for the product are currently being accepted on Bandai Namco Group's official online shopping site, "Premium Bandai." The items are scheduled to be shipped in September.
Web site: https://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000194971/